Why dive with us

We love diving!!!

Personal Service!!!

Maximum bottom time!!!


  • We Love Diving
    Each dive is an opportunity to see new species and behaviors. After
    thousands of dives, we can not wait to get in the water again.  We look
    forward to sharing this with you!
  • Personal Service

We have been diving all over the world with all kinds of dive operators,
from the very small and personal to the really big ones where you are
not a person but a number.
With this in mind we decided to offer our dive services so you can dive
the way we love to dive —in small groups where we can provide real
personal service.
When we teach,  our classes are conducted in private groups of no more
than 4 people. We offer only small and private classes.
Our focus is quality plus personal service and not quantity.

  • Maximum bottom time

Under water, our love and passion for diving translates into our desire to
help you safely get the longest bottom time out of your tank. This means,
more bubbles for your bucks!!!
Long bottom times are not the exception, but the rule.
If you are safe to continue, and you have air in your tank, we’ll keep
We prefer multi-level dive profiles when deep diving —that way you can
dive longer and see more.
However if you want to remain at one depth the entire dive we are happy
to please you. It’s your vacation!
When you dive with Natalie and me, you are diving with PADI instructors
and we are happy to help you with buoyancy and air consumption too.
We will help you to develop the skills to dive longer.

Dive with Natalie and Ivan is not brand name, it’s a diving experience.
Dive with us because we care. Our goal is for you to have a great time