Akumal, Riviera , Maya, Mexico
But don't take our word for it,
here is what our divers and students have to say . . .
Hi Natalie,
I am still smiling from the experience, What a
wonderful thing diving is!
And thank you so much your help you are truly
great teacher.
Thank you again and I will see you soon!
PS: the photos are beautiful, Ivan is a quite a
Natalia Joans, Chicago, USA February 2012
hey Natalie
thanks so much for the dives yesterday ..
they were the best we've had in Akumal ...
we loved your small group, friendly,
client-oriented approach and will be sure
to dive with you again when we're back
next year
thanks again
Ragui, Ontario ,Canada, Jan 2012
Hello Ivan. We made it home last night. Thanks
again for the amazing dives. We will always
remember it.

Mike & Cindy, Canada, October 2011
Thanks again for all the fun and excellent
instruction this week! I really enjoyed my
first dives and, as cliché as it sounds, feel
like it opened up a whole new world to me!
I hope next time I see you I'm a certified
/dive master and we can do some hardcore
underwater exploits.
Elmer, Minnesota USA,  Feb 2011
Subject: To two great people

I appreciate that you restored my confidence in
my diving skills . Mostly, the time you took to
dive with Lelanie, and share how you felt about
the learning differences you had in school. It
gave her such confidence by diving with her,
and when she asked you if you felt angry in
school, told me so much about how she feels
every day. The first day she woke up in her bed
at home, 5:30 am, she wrote a full page story
on her diving experience. You and many others
played a part in that. Until that day, (age 9 1/2
years ) she has not been able to write one
comprehensive sentence. That morning Lelanie
woke us up, (really early) with a full page story
of her diving experience, the sentences were
coherent, complete and so was the paragraph.
You are great divers and instructors, but great
people, and role models.
Mike and I are so grateful to know you, and
thankful that Lelanie experienced both of you.
Stephanie & Mike, Colorado Usa, March 2011
Thanks for contacting me. If you are
looking for ocean dives, I
would recommend that you dive with the
people who originally trained me,
Natalie Novak Perez and Ivan Perez. They
run a private diving operation
specializing in small groups and
super-personized service - exactly what
you need on your first foray into the
ocean. The ocean here is great for
your first dives, it is calm, warm and easy!
Natalie Gibbs Padi Open Water Scuba
Instructor and Cave diver Akumal, Mexico
April 2011
Thank you for showing me such a wonderful
time under the sea. My parents have always
spoke very highly of you both and it's no
surprise as to why. Such great divers, and even
better teachers! I'll be back for some more, no

Kendall, Montana/ Alaska USA, April 2011
Hi Natalie and Ivan!! We made it back to
the States today. Miss the diving already!!
We had a wonderful time with the two of
you and can't wait to come back next
year!!!! Thanks!! And thanks again for the
amazing dives!! I'll send another email
that you can post on your site some time!!
Donna, Indiana USA, May 2011
I want to thank Natalie again for putting up
with me last week and providing the best
underwater experience that I have had. Diving
with Natalie  was relaxing, exciting, and
educational, all at the same time. I will
definitely try to get back down to dive with you
again and I hope to actually meet Ivan next
Fred, USA, August 2011
I just wanted to tell you both THANK YOU
again for a super awesome time diving in
Akumal. I've learned a lot and couldn't
have asked for better dive instructors.
Ivan, you earned 2 gold stars for your
instruction and patience with me! You're
ugly duckling student has turned into a
swan, LOL :D
Natalie - please let me know if you decide
to use my photo in Sac-Be, I'm excited to
read the article. Hope to plan another trip
to Akumal soon, next time we'll go diving
in Coz! Happy Diving!!
Julie, Colorado Usa, December 2010
It was GREAT to see you and to dive with you
both again. Cozumel was a total blast!
Open Water Scuba Instructor Eric Gaull,
Washing D.C. USA, January 2010
Hi Natalie,
Stephen told me that he had emailed you to tell
you that I was going ahead with my
certification. I had actually planned on
emailing you myself to tell you, but he beat me
to it! He was absolutely right about my
introduction to scuba with you! I have been
interested in diving for many years, but very
nervous, and you did such a wonderful job of
helping me relax and enjoy the experience! I am
very grateful to you for that! Diving with you
and Ivan was a highlight of our visit to Akumal
last year, and, like Stephen said, we had fully
intended to come back there so that I could
finish my certification with you!
I hope you both are doing well!
(And you are certainly welcome to use any part
of our email for your web site!)
Take care,
Janice, British Columbia Canada, Aug 2010
Hi Darren,
Nice to see you again the past few days!
The people that I dive with are Natalie
Novak and Ivan Perez of
Divewithnatalieandivan.com – you can
reach Ivan at
please let him know you know me. They
are quality diving –very professional with
very small numbers (one or two) per dive.
They max out your time without herding
a whole bunch of divers. Tell them what
you want to do/see and they will arrange
it. They are the same price as the bigger
dive shops for much higher quality!
Have a great time!
Ian, Ontario Canada, February 2009
Hola Darren,

Just got back yesterday! Had a great time.
I did 3 dives with Natalie and Ivan ... 2
regular reef dives and one night dive. I
was the only diver with them on the 2
regular reef dives (they charged me the
same rate as the 8:1 divers to guide ratio
of all their competitors). I got maximal
bottom time with no need to go up early
due to some other diver burning through
their air early. They also have a great eye
for the interesting and unusual; pointing
out all kinds of stuff for me to see.
I did get lucky and saw my first shark on
my first dive.
Hope you have a great time! Let me know
if you need anything or if I can help at all
with your set-up.
Hasta pronto!
Ian, Ontario Canada, March 2009
Hi guys - it's Darren here and we just wanted to
say a quick "Thanks"! for your hospitality while
down in Akumal.

We had a great trip and the dive (Motorcycle
Deep) was probably the nicest dive I've done
down in Mexico! We really enjoyed our stay in
Akumal and got to get in some great R&R and
snorkeling together - you can't ask for much

Darren & Tina, Ontario Canada, March 2009